Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Breathe assurance in my ear.

@9:06AM; Guess what today is? My birthday. I'm not feeling excited or anything. I'm probably not even doing anything today, cause I'm rideless. Yup. Not so perfect birthday. Everyone's just busy D: Haha sorry I didn't update yesterday. o_o LOLOL. I'm saying sorry to my blogspot :D Anyways it was fine yesterday, Fast & Furious was pretty good actually; but I wouldn't say it was the best. Well after all the guys left to go to Hugo Reid (like they always do) I met up with my "cousin" and Catherineee so we hung / shopped around til we were hungry then we went to Dave & Busters to eat (: I love runon sentences, do you? :D Anyways this is going to be one crappy birthday. Look what I'm doing already. I'm on AIM and blogging, and the day barely even "started" yet. Awwh.

I'm going to find something to do now.
Adiiiios. T_T He didn't even say Happy Birthday to me at midnight .. ): Not even yet .. adgasgjdsag =,[

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