Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He, my dear, is pretty fucking adorable. ♥

HAHHAHHA. Fire drill today. Mm, thanks to that drill I would've never seen him today :)

Superhero of my day, the fire drill. Gracias.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I suggest a drive, let's take the back roads. Let's get lost, let's lose our minds.

WE ARE GOING KAYAKING NEXT WEEKEND. Not this weekend but next. (=
Charmander's so cute. I love his arms. ROLFOASLDOLOLASOLOL. They're like dammmn. I can't wait any longer. I missed all my chances with him yesterday. I'm so shy. Fuck me for being so shy! But then again, he's even MORE shy so it's okay. I'M SUPPOSED TO BECOME BFFLS WITH HIM. So far not so good ): I'm so sunburned.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I brought a camera for nothing though.
Perry is so quiet. LOL.

NEWPORT BEACH SUCKS. That's all I've got to say. The waves were too big so the lifeguard told us all to stay out of the water. THAT SUCKS RIGHT?! -__-x Should've gone to Santa Monica. AND OMG. MY FEET ARE STILL HURTING FROM THE BURNING HOT SAND. We played tackle football, volleyball, and frisbee (: LOLOL. Me Perry Kevin Stephen Shawna Neil Simon Eric Justin Lixing Jonathan! I'm so unevenly tan -_- Dude on the way back, the other car got stopped by the cops.. D: POOR THEM. DUDE I WANNAAA AHHH. LOL. How much is a ticket for not buckling in their seatbelt? :O ANYWAYS. We went to Lixing's house afterwards and I soaked my feet in his pool as I watched the guys play water polo and had a nice talk with Shawna :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am tired with no desire to put together things that just fall apart.

You don't know how excited I am for tomorrow =)

Newport Beach.
How is it there?
I've never been there and I'd like to know what you can do there.
The website sucks, I hope the beach doesn't suck also.

It's a whole day with Perry, Neil, KevinChu, Stephen, Lixing, Justin, Eric?, Simon, Shawna, and idk. I honestly have no idea who's going. LOL. But I'm hella excited :)
I know what I'm going to wear and everything!
I'd much rather go to Santa Monica though.

Oh yes, it's my best friend's birthday tomorrow<3

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.

I think life is all about taking chances. I mean what's there to do with your life if you don't? You can't actually run out of chances. Forgive and forget. You've got to trust God, there's always a reason why he put those certain people in your life. We all know life's short, but sit back and enjoy the ride. Don't relax. You won't achieve your goals or get what you want unless you work for it. Hold on tight with what God gave you. Don't just hold grudges against people, get rid of them. It disappoints me whenever I see a shy person. They're just letting time and opportunities soak their life away. Same with the people who keep everything to themselves. Don't you just die when all your secrets are coiled up inside of you and what about that explosive feeling you get when you're just keeping a little too much from your companions? Live your life and don't waste it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Demons are like obedient dogs, they come when they are called.

What a fun evening/night :D

Bowling Alley, Sinbala, Yogurtland, Arcadia Supermarket, Feeding the HORSE with Tiffany Hang & Neil Tahani & Jared Kikuchi & Simon Luong & Kevin Schroyer & Gordon Yao & Shawna Lim.

I burned like 1857835 calories laughing today. That's how much I laughed. It was HILARIOUS.
Going to an asian restaurant with a white guy is funny =) Especially Kevin Schroyer !
LOOOLOLOLOL I LOVE THAT GUY. He complains so effing much but I still love him.

I think I suck at bowling now. The last time I played was with Devin but today at first I was smokin' with T.Hang LOL. But we both died and yeah D: 61 points LMAAAAO. I SUCK SO MUCH. But anyways, feeding the HORSE was another story :) Neil bought apples from the Arcadia Supermarket. Then we walked over to the horse. I totally forgot some guy that lives on Arcadia Ave owned a horse. How random is that? THAT REMINDS ME OF THE TIME LAST WEEK WHEN WE WERE @ HUGO GOING TO CALVIN'S HOUSE then we saw this random train (like those kinds that belong to the mall) driving on the street slowly. At first I thought I was seeing things but everyone else saw too so okay. LOL. IT WAS FUNFUN.<3

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the sirens are laughing underneath your skull and your thoughts are turning dull, callous and cold.

MY STOMACH IS HURTING. Actually it's not EVEN my stomach. It's the part-above-my-stomach, I wouldn't know what it's called cause I failed my dissection/body organ test in Biology last year (=


I swear. I couldn't stop staring @ him during break today. LOOLOLOL. Our eyes met like 3 times :) AHH.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I can't wait for the upcoming weeks of this summer. 2 more weeks then we're fucking done with summer school! :) 40 more days til music camp!!

Then it's my best friend's birthday on Saturday :]

I'm sorry I can't calm the fuck down. THEN THIS IS MY CHANCE TO SHINNEEEEE IN VOLLEYBALL :) I'm gonna rent volleyballs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Has this world stopped turning?

I don't know what to think anymore. This or that. I hate it when your choices are narrowed down to two. That's what makes it even harder. Cause once you choose one, you'd have to stick with it & you can't go back and change your decision. That is the reason why I really suck at deciding.

And so,
Today I finally met him. Yes today as in July 13, 2009. I can officially say that I know him. How slick is that? He's a pretty slowass text message replier. Seriously.

eVISUsubSTi: i can see u guys together
eVISUsubSTi: and he called me
eVISUsubSTi: well he called me about going to yugurtland
eVISUsubSTi: and he also said
eVISUsubSTi: u texted him saying hi
eVISUsubSTi: laters
eVISUsubSTi: g2g
eVISUsubSTi: _____ and tiffany <3

LOOOOL. No, he typed the actual name of the guy but sorry I don't tell my own shit to the public =) I THINK I RUINED IT. I THINK I SCARED HIM OFF. Stupid Lixing and Michael N D; I seriously hate it when people take your phone and start texting people without you knowing ):

I hate it when all of a sudden your heart starts beating as fast as fuck and you don't know what's going on through your veins.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love.

And so, I just came back from a walk to Starbucks and back. Mocha Frappacino! Some Mexicans just creep me out, seriously.


Fml guys.
Even though I love it.
Don't you love how I contradict myself every now and then?

I'm such a retard. I HOPE YOU DON'T READ THIS. LOL. I'm such a dumbass ! D: During the second break today I passed by mango. All we usually do is make eye contact, but this time mango waved too. I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT CAUSE OF HOW AWKWARD THINGS ARE AT THE MOMENT. Then I forgot to fucking wave back. I'M SO FUUUUHCKING WEETODDDED. But hey, at least I smiled right? (=

PLAN GCTPM starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have an addiction for photography that involves words.

Nothing's easy in life.


I think it's overrated. But you've got to fight for what you want ♥

Monday, July 6, 2009

Because lately, I just keep hearing people blame love. But love doesn't walk away, people do.

I'm amazed by how love can make you feel so damn guilty.

HOLY SHIT I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED DURING CHEMISTRY TODAY LOL. So my teacher passed the tests out at like 8:10 right? WELL THIS ONE GUY SPENT LIKE A FUCKING HOUR TO COMPLETE THE TEST, maybe even more. I got SO pissed. I'm not even kidding. I was like squirming around in my seat, tapping my pencil as loud as I can on my desk, and my eyes were practically glued onto the clock as the numbers changed fastly. I mean everyone knows how I can't sit straight in the same position for like more than 5 minutes right? :) Well our break got postponed to 9:30, and all the Dev of Civ kids were inside already. As I was staring out my classroom door wishing I was outdoors, _____ passed by! With like 4 other guys that were my friends as well ;D LOL. BUT I WANTED TO TALK TO THEM SO BADLY. I'm still fucking pissed at that one guy. I would've cussed him out during break but he's that kind of student to stay in the fucking classroom.

Do you really think I'd have a chance? (:

Last night, my heart felt emptier than ever.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes when I let my mind run free, it never fails. It goes right to you and a smile takes a hold of me.

I didn't get to go to fuckign Six Flags today. D: THAT'S SO GAY. My mom was like "OH IT'S TOO HOT". What kind of fucking reason is that? Invalid.

Anyways, I could've been having fun at Six Flags instead of sitting here and blogging. LOL JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU BLOGSPOT.

You can really tell a lot about a person from their taste in music.
What pushes them through the hard times,
what makes them jump and dance,
and what makes tears come to their eyes.
You just have to hear what they do.

I wonder how everyone calls this website. Blogspot or Blogger? I like blogspot better, cause that was the original name from a few years ago :) Don't you ever wonder if someone else in this world is doign exactly what you're doing right now? Or typing exactly what you're typing? HAHAH I'm a pretty strange little girl. I always flip my magazines over to the back cover so that I wouldn't have a celebrity watching me pee or take a shit.

ANYWAY I GOT A LAPTOP! ^__^ I was looking at guitars today, and I'm really stoked about getting one. June26,2009

AWWWWWWH Mitchell.
via Txt Msg
"ya but even if hes shy it dousnt madder with u because u will love him for along time he will have all the time in the world"

Today, while eating fruit salad, I stabbed the grape with my fork on the first try. I felt like a warrior. MLIA

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boys don’t hide their feelings, they hide their intentions.

Being happy is the best feeling in the world, other than to be loved by someone who you love back :)

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Learn to love life. It helps you get through your days better. I'm not even kidding!

TODAY WAS QUITE WEIRD. Neil's a faggot ;) Justkidding, if you ever see this.
Anyways he kept dragging _____ over to me o_o HAHA yeah I don't know why. Tomorrow is going to be fun (: I'm gonna finally talk to _____ but by text messages. FUCK YEAH I'M TEXTUAL BIIITCH Love me or hate me.

I love how there's so many damn pictures in the world, but your posts would look ugly if you posted like 1874185815 pictures on it, cause they're all so big and I'm too lazy to do that width="100" part of the HTML code. I'll just save them for later, or perhaps my tumblr?

AHH OMG KEVIN CHU ISN'T GOING TOMORROW. He's a funny guy. Honestly. LOL. D; Geez they're all lame guys I'm going with. JK. I hope Kelly Kim can go! We're going to have a blast =)
Last night we were planning a beach camping trip in August. That's going to be the effing shit. I SWEAR. I'M LOVING THE FUTURE ALREADY<3

Wake Up - Coheed and Cambria ♥

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

I really love to blog. Did I ever tell you that? THERE'S SOME FUCKING BUMP INSIDE MY MOUTH THAT'S BUGGING ME. It hurts. Kankasaurs? I think it's one of those. I have no idea where that name originated from. It sounds like a dinosaur more than a hurtful little BUMP inside your damn mouth. D:


jennifooxo: i had a dream i met him
jennifooxo: cause he comes down with his family to go to disneyland
jennifooxo: and i was with you&******
jennifooxo: i guess it was for our birthday
jennifooxo: and we went to disneyland
jennifooxo: and he was with this girl
jennifooxo: and i just hung out with his little sister
jennifooxo: and you&****** went off somewhere ;D
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: me and ****** were in your dream?
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: HAHAHAHHA
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: <3
jennifooxo: it was soo cute
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOOOL
jennifooxo: you know my dreams come true..
jennifooxo: no joke.
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: o_o
jennifooxo: it eventually comes true
* Name starred to avoid stalkers.

jennifooxo: but this is the weird thing
jennifooxo: the other night
jennifooxo: i had the same dream
jennifooxo: but u were with a different boy
jennifooxo: and it was like the cutest thing ever
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: why me o__o
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOL was it some random stranger?
jennifooxo: idk i didnt recognize him
jennifooxo: but i think u did
jennifooxo: but let me tell u
jennifooxo: HE WAS CUTE
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LMFAO
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: good
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOL
jennifooxo: AHAHAHAH(:

I love how dreams can get you so excited. ♥