Monday, July 6, 2009

Because lately, I just keep hearing people blame love. But love doesn't walk away, people do.

I'm amazed by how love can make you feel so damn guilty.

HOLY SHIT I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED DURING CHEMISTRY TODAY LOL. So my teacher passed the tests out at like 8:10 right? WELL THIS ONE GUY SPENT LIKE A FUCKING HOUR TO COMPLETE THE TEST, maybe even more. I got SO pissed. I'm not even kidding. I was like squirming around in my seat, tapping my pencil as loud as I can on my desk, and my eyes were practically glued onto the clock as the numbers changed fastly. I mean everyone knows how I can't sit straight in the same position for like more than 5 minutes right? :) Well our break got postponed to 9:30, and all the Dev of Civ kids were inside already. As I was staring out my classroom door wishing I was outdoors, _____ passed by! With like 4 other guys that were my friends as well ;D LOL. BUT I WANTED TO TALK TO THEM SO BADLY. I'm still fucking pissed at that one guy. I would've cussed him out during break but he's that kind of student to stay in the fucking classroom.

Do you really think I'd have a chance? (:

Last night, my heart felt emptier than ever.

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