Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

I really love to blog. Did I ever tell you that? THERE'S SOME FUCKING BUMP INSIDE MY MOUTH THAT'S BUGGING ME. It hurts. Kankasaurs? I think it's one of those. I have no idea where that name originated from. It sounds like a dinosaur more than a hurtful little BUMP inside your damn mouth. D:


jennifooxo: i had a dream i met him
jennifooxo: cause he comes down with his family to go to disneyland
jennifooxo: and i was with you&******
jennifooxo: i guess it was for our birthday
jennifooxo: and we went to disneyland
jennifooxo: and he was with this girl
jennifooxo: and i just hung out with his little sister
jennifooxo: and you&****** went off somewhere ;D
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: me and ****** were in your dream?
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: HAHAHAHHA
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: <3
jennifooxo: it was soo cute
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOOOL
jennifooxo: you know my dreams come true..
jennifooxo: no joke.
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: o_o
jennifooxo: it eventually comes true
* Name starred to avoid stalkers.

jennifooxo: but this is the weird thing
jennifooxo: the other night
jennifooxo: i had the same dream
jennifooxo: but u were with a different boy
jennifooxo: and it was like the cutest thing ever
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: why me o__o
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOL was it some random stranger?
jennifooxo: idk i didnt recognize him
jennifooxo: but i think u did
jennifooxo: but let me tell u
jennifooxo: HE WAS CUTE
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LMFAO
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: good
N00b1sh T1ff4ny: LOL
jennifooxo: AHAHAHAH(:

I love how dreams can get you so excited. ♥

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