Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boys don’t hide their feelings, they hide their intentions.

Being happy is the best feeling in the world, other than to be loved by someone who you love back :)

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Learn to love life. It helps you get through your days better. I'm not even kidding!

TODAY WAS QUITE WEIRD. Neil's a faggot ;) Justkidding, if you ever see this.
Anyways he kept dragging _____ over to me o_o HAHA yeah I don't know why. Tomorrow is going to be fun (: I'm gonna finally talk to _____ but by text messages. FUCK YEAH I'M TEXTUAL BIIITCH Love me or hate me.

I love how there's so many damn pictures in the world, but your posts would look ugly if you posted like 1874185815 pictures on it, cause they're all so big and I'm too lazy to do that width="100" part of the HTML code. I'll just save them for later, or perhaps my tumblr?

AHH OMG KEVIN CHU ISN'T GOING TOMORROW. He's a funny guy. Honestly. LOL. D; Geez they're all lame guys I'm going with. JK. I hope Kelly Kim can go! We're going to have a blast =)
Last night we were planning a beach camping trip in August. That's going to be the effing shit. I SWEAR. I'M LOVING THE FUTURE ALREADY<3

Wake Up - Coheed and Cambria ♥