Friday, July 17, 2009

Demons are like obedient dogs, they come when they are called.

What a fun evening/night :D

Bowling Alley, Sinbala, Yogurtland, Arcadia Supermarket, Feeding the HORSE with Tiffany Hang & Neil Tahani & Jared Kikuchi & Simon Luong & Kevin Schroyer & Gordon Yao & Shawna Lim.

I burned like 1857835 calories laughing today. That's how much I laughed. It was HILARIOUS.
Going to an asian restaurant with a white guy is funny =) Especially Kevin Schroyer !
LOOOLOLOLOL I LOVE THAT GUY. He complains so effing much but I still love him.

I think I suck at bowling now. The last time I played was with Devin but today at first I was smokin' with T.Hang LOL. But we both died and yeah D: 61 points LMAAAAO. I SUCK SO MUCH. But anyways, feeding the HORSE was another story :) Neil bought apples from the Arcadia Supermarket. Then we walked over to the horse. I totally forgot some guy that lives on Arcadia Ave owned a horse. How random is that? THAT REMINDS ME OF THE TIME LAST WEEK WHEN WE WERE @ HUGO GOING TO CALVIN'S HOUSE then we saw this random train (like those kinds that belong to the mall) driving on the street slowly. At first I thought I was seeing things but everyone else saw too so okay. LOL. IT WAS FUNFUN.<3

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