Friday, July 24, 2009

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.

I think life is all about taking chances. I mean what's there to do with your life if you don't? You can't actually run out of chances. Forgive and forget. You've got to trust God, there's always a reason why he put those certain people in your life. We all know life's short, but sit back and enjoy the ride. Don't relax. You won't achieve your goals or get what you want unless you work for it. Hold on tight with what God gave you. Don't just hold grudges against people, get rid of them. It disappoints me whenever I see a shy person. They're just letting time and opportunities soak their life away. Same with the people who keep everything to themselves. Don't you just die when all your secrets are coiled up inside of you and what about that explosive feeling you get when you're just keeping a little too much from your companions? Live your life and don't waste it.

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