Monday, July 13, 2009

Has this world stopped turning?

I don't know what to think anymore. This or that. I hate it when your choices are narrowed down to two. That's what makes it even harder. Cause once you choose one, you'd have to stick with it & you can't go back and change your decision. That is the reason why I really suck at deciding.

And so,
Today I finally met him. Yes today as in July 13, 2009. I can officially say that I know him. How slick is that? He's a pretty slowass text message replier. Seriously.

eVISUsubSTi: i can see u guys together
eVISUsubSTi: and he called me
eVISUsubSTi: well he called me about going to yugurtland
eVISUsubSTi: and he also said
eVISUsubSTi: u texted him saying hi
eVISUsubSTi: laters
eVISUsubSTi: g2g
eVISUsubSTi: _____ and tiffany <3

LOOOOL. No, he typed the actual name of the guy but sorry I don't tell my own shit to the public =) I THINK I RUINED IT. I THINK I SCARED HIM OFF. Stupid Lixing and Michael N D; I seriously hate it when people take your phone and start texting people without you knowing ):

I hate it when all of a sudden your heart starts beating as fast as fuck and you don't know what's going on through your veins.

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