Saturday, July 25, 2009

I brought a camera for nothing though.
Perry is so quiet. LOL.

NEWPORT BEACH SUCKS. That's all I've got to say. The waves were too big so the lifeguard told us all to stay out of the water. THAT SUCKS RIGHT?! -__-x Should've gone to Santa Monica. AND OMG. MY FEET ARE STILL HURTING FROM THE BURNING HOT SAND. We played tackle football, volleyball, and frisbee (: LOLOL. Me Perry Kevin Stephen Shawna Neil Simon Eric Justin Lixing Jonathan! I'm so unevenly tan -_- Dude on the way back, the other car got stopped by the cops.. D: POOR THEM. DUDE I WANNAAA AHHH. LOL. How much is a ticket for not buckling in their seatbelt? :O ANYWAYS. We went to Lixing's house afterwards and I soaked my feet in his pool as I watched the guys play water polo and had a nice talk with Shawna :)

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