Sunday, March 28, 2010

If today was perfect there would be no need for tomorrow.

I'm not satisfied with myself.
I'm fat.
Usually everyone's like "WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? YOU'RE NOT FAT.."
But how would they know? Maybe I tape up my fat on my body so it doesn't look like I do.
^ Just kidding, I swear I don't do that.
I hate it when fat jiggles.
It's fucking disgusting.
This summer I will attempt to jog a mile or two everyday, go to the gym, and get some cardio workouts going.
As well as stomach fat, I know most of those result from jeans. Fuck jeans. Little lumps / small beer bellies are annoying. From now on, I'm doing 100-200 situps a day.
I hate how I don't have time for anything right now,
and I hate my laziness. Oh goodness.
Tumblr's full of gorgeous girls, as you might've noticed.
They have perfect bodies, the perfect facial features, etc.
YEAH I NOTICE THESE THINGS, SO WHAT?! I'm sure everyone does too. I'm straight.

This is one of the reasons why I'm unhappy, sometimes I'm a little self-conscious too.
Grasping the fat on my body parts, I frown in front of the mirror.


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