Friday, April 3, 2009

Would you cry, if you saw me crying?

Picture Credit goes to Ashley Feng (:

I lost him.

late night talks. music camp. offering to teach me how to swim. summer school. earthquake. sweet ims. conversations during summer class. movies. sadies hawkins dance. christmas gift. birthday letter. talking to you at six flags. lucky jason mraz. nonstop texts. supposedly stand partners. disneyland. iminlikewithyou. omgpop. ffs. mall. teddy bear. sidekick. how we have everything in common. holding hands. how i was able to talk to you about anything and/or everything. hidden love. secret smiles. being shy around each other. your happiness around me. smiling to your texts. your messed up schedule. you being an exception for stealing my myspace songs. counting sidekick flashes. dark shadows in the night. staying up with me. orchestra orientation. your warm hugs. worrying about music camp/blocks. how perfect we looked when were together. comfortable awkward silences. getting pissed at the crappy signal. first hug at boc camp. us being close friends. jwalking. our sns next to each other. ID number/phone number. constant looks. stares. me&you. missing you. nine months

We can't fix it anymore. I waited too long. Nine whole months. It was worth it while it lasted :| Yes, it was fate all those times. Now everything's all gone ): Cause of one little mistake of waiting too long. I realized if I had told him earlier, I wouldn't have been this sad right now. I'd be so effing happy. I just want to be close friends with him again. I want that more than anything right now. There's no one else as perfect as him in my eyes, but then again I don't have his heart anymore ):

"You never know what you have til it's all gone."

I can relate to my favorite song.

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