Saturday, April 4, 2009

And I'm trying to carve my way back into your heart.

(photo credit leilachee.

I miss him, I really do.

Now that music camp posters are up everywhere in the band/orchestra room, all the memories reflected back to me. August 25-31st. Those were the days. Music camp was just a week to get away from your home life, your problems, and just live life freely up in the mountains. However, last year's music camp was just perfect in my opinion. That's cause I actually .. idk;

I miss you.
I miss how we would always text/IM each other with our sidekicks.
I miss how you would always wait for me to come out of my cabin.
I miss how we used to constantly look at each other.
I miss the way you smiled when you received my texts.
I miss our song, you know, Lucky - Jason Mraz , yeah that song.
I miss how we would always complain about the crappy signal up there.
I miss the cafeteria meals, how orchestra camp's food was better than band's.
I miss that time when you asked me why I wasn't dancing at the BOC dance.
I miss our first hug on tribute night, when we were supposed to be shaking hands.
I miss gossiping til late at night, well early in the morning.
I miss going to sleep knowing that I was in your mind.
I miss how much we talked there, and how close we were.

I think not.

I can't emphasize how much it was perfect.

(i took that picture, on my sidekick lx too. yeah it's edited but not much)

I don't know what to do. Honestly I don't. Well today I went to Ontario Mills. Haha sadly I didn't see that many cute guys. I love how people text me whenever they see a cute guy or girl. <3 Cause that's exactly what I do. You know, I really want to watch the Fast & Furious movie :D I think I'm going on Monday. Four more days til my birthday. I think I'm going to Disneyland on my birthday with the FANTASTIC FOUR. Me Maggie Connie Nancy. Well it's almost 11:11pm, time to wish. Those little stars in the sky never work on me ): I really need to make a wish right now, I need to depend on the stars. I want them to help me, if only they knew what I was going through D: I really need some help here. Starlight, star bright.

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