Saturday, June 27, 2009

She woke to the bluest of the blue and left red like your torn up diary.

Remember when the world was falling at our feet,
and each inch of the dance floor raped every move we made?

Transformers 2 was really good (= Hm I didn't get to sit next to him, but whatever. I LOVE TRANSFORMERS. ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! I really do, as lame as I sound. I really miss that guy dude. He wasn't just the person I loved, but he was also a best friend. Eh I guess that's the same thing cause you love your best friends. I want to spend 4th of July with him. D: I don't think that's gonna happen. So I watched it @ 3:30. Then after around like 8:30, I snuck in with Kevin Stephen Neil Niloy Jonathan Justin Eric Alex. I ALMOST GOT CAUGHT HOLYCRAP. I was so scared :[ It was that same guy with the tuxedo that works at AMC. He came over to us and asked for our tickets. Then KEVIN CHU KEPT STARING AT ME cause he was worried. And the guy was like "Is she with you guys?" and Stephen said "No." HAHA MY HERO. D: Scaryshit. So he didn't check mines :]

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