Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i hate how i see your name everywhere, i hate how whenever i sign on i still scan my buddy list for your screename, i hate how whenever i receive a text i'm secretly hoping it's from you, i hate how i tell myself that i don't care but i actually still do, i hate how you can make me feel shitty yet the luckiest person on earth, i hate pretending to be okay when i'm not, i hate how my eyes just helplessly wander over to you, i hate how i always catch you looking, i hate how you never did anything about us, i hate how i can't figure out what you have that other guys don't which always leads me back to you, i hate how you send me mixed signals all the time, i hate how my brain never processes when you're around, i hate how my heart still beats for you, i hate the feeling of envy i get &the feeling of pain, i hate how i can love &dislove you at the same time.

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