Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am dying of boredom,

so I will write about you.

I love talking about you,
You have no idea how happy I get when I have a chance to just talk about you.
So on Friday I hesitated about giving you a hug. &I regret doing that.
The way you said bye to me, I felt guilty not giving you a hug. You deserved one.
From now on I'm not gonna hesitate &think, I'm just gonna DO IT.
I was hanging around the quad, away from the movie place (We were watching Up @AHS)
My mind kept telling me to go over there and sit next to him but NO it took me like a hour to finally gather up my courage &go.
He was so cuteeee. If only I had told him I was freezing. If only he put his arms around me. Gotta stop the "if only"s (:

It's those rare I'll-never-find-those-anywhere-else hugs you'd give me, the ones that warms me up &leaves me feeling all cuddly inside.
& the time where you cried because of some mistake I made &some little misunderstanding.
& all those late night conversations we'd used to have before music camp back in 2008 ;D
& how you'd tell your friends about me before I even met them; now all you tell them is nothing.
& those enigmatic smiles that always ends up on your face whenever you're around me ♥
& times when we're alone, just me&you. like the time @Disneyland where I asked you to Sadies :) they weren't lying when they said Disneyland was the happiest place on Earth; other than your arms of course.
& your super sweet text messages that make my heart flutter ; reassuring me that you care (:

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