Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thinking of you makes me wonder if you're thinking of me too.

I've waited too long. There's only a certain amount of time a person can wait. I'm not willing to wait forever.

I know deep down inside, you still feel the same. &I'm sure.
But you're the guy &I'm the girl. I can't do much about us.

I can't help but get jealous.
Sometimes, well most of the time, it's for the most ridiculous reasons.

It's been 1 year & 5 months already. I never knew I would've lasted.

There's always that one high school sweetheart that you simply can't let go or get over.
In middle school, they were all just "little crushes" that didn't mean much even if you thought that "one special person" meant your whole world. Once you enter high school, it's different.
There comes the stage of loving with pain. That means crying over the one you love, staying strong throughout all the different times, dealing with a broken heart.

I love you :')

I can't wait for April 15-18th. The picture up there is SAN FRAN♥ That's where Orchestra's heading to during those dates. It won't be as fun without you there though

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