Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes I touch the things you used to touch, looking for echoes of your fingers.

I dislike second thoughts.
I hate thinking about things over and over again.
I hate how you decide on one path in your life to take, but since it didn't affect your life much yet, you start thinking about it again to make any last minute changes.
That's one good thing about permanent changes.
Ones that happen as soon as you make your choice.
I think that's why they tell us to "proofread our minds."
It bugs the shit out of me.

Well yes. Music Camp. 2 more days. You don't know how excited I am to get out of this house.

My ID card looks bad this year, well decent but last year oh my it was a wreck. I look like a drunk fob, a TAD bit like one. HAHHA (: I still can't find the right luggage/suitcase for camp. The one I used last year is too small now that I look at it. I don't want to take one too BIG cause I don't want to get yelled at BEFORE going to camp. Oh deaaaarr! ):

I miss PM♥
Didn't see such a thing yesterday.

I really want to go to Ontario Mills before I go off to Music Camp. I need more shorts. I only haveee like two. OH AND I NEED NEW SHOES FOR SCHOOL. I'd wear them to camp but knowing that it's dusty up there .. NO THANK YOU.

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